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          +86-797-355 6688     anny.peng@ssltec.com
          Test & Measurement

          Our state-of-the-art MiniLab 150, an ultra-compact optical emission spectrometer, is capable of analyzing metal compositions in various alloys including iron, steel, copper and aluminum.  In addition to element analysis, the machine is also capable of classifying material compositions in accordance to international standards (UNI, ASTM, DIN, …).  This instrument allows us instantly determine composition of alloy and make sure it is in compliance with customer’s requirement.

          Our highly precision HEXAGON CMM is capable of measuring products up to 800mm X 1000mm X 600mm(31.5” X 39” X 23.5”) with accuracy of 0.001mm (0.000039”).

          We employ crystalline structure test to analyze die casted parts quality and mold material.

          Our environmental test room can perform complete rain, salt spray, drop and high-low temperature cycle tests to make sure products we manufactured meet customer's stringent requirements.

          • In addition, we are investing following equipment to further enhance our test and analytical capabilities:
          •   ●    Plating thickness tester
          •   ●    ROHS tester