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          +86-797-355 6688     anny.peng@ssltec.com
          Value Added Manufacturing

          With our in-house manufacturing capabilities in sheet metal fabrication, precision machining, harness assembly and PCBA, Litkconn Technology is uniquely positioned to offer cost competitive high quality value-added manufacturing services to our customers.

          We are able to offer value-added manufacturing services because:

          •   ●   We have highly trained, experienced production personnel
          •   ●   Our quality is maintained through our ISO 9001 and ISO13485 Quality System
          •   ●   We have experienced engineering team
          •   ●   Our In-process inspections at each station
          •   ●   We conduct 100% final electrical and mechanical inspections
          •   ●   Our advanced ERP/MRP system with engineering documentation allows us to process multi-level BOM’s easily and efficiently
          •   ●   Our engineering and design teams assist customers requiring more detailed documentation
          •   ●   We complete drawings, create drawings and verify BOM’s are complete and accurate

          Value added manufacturing service is a natural strength of Litkconn Technology because it blends the core competence of our manufacturing disciplines.