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          +86-797-355 6688     anny.peng@ssltec.com
          SMT & PCBA

          Litkconn Technology offers full Turn-Key Circuit Board Assembly Services.  We handle everything including ordering PCBs and components, quality inspection, assembly and test.

          We are an experienced SMT assembly house.  Our employees are highly trained and work to IPC standards. Here are some details about our services in surface mount assembly.

          We work with both pilot and normal production runs, using automated SMD assembly processes.  We perform single and double sided placements of all component types.

          We can assemble various small IC and chip packages components and through-hole parts are also no problem. 

          The SMT soldering process we use is carefully matched to your design.  We will review the SMT PCB assembly design and make any DFM suggestions we may have.  We will work with your engineers in order to facilitate the SMT assemblies.  We follow the reflow surface mount soldering requirements of the individual SMD components for each assembly job we do.  We have a very high yield as we implement precise control of the reflow process.