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          +86-797-355 6688     anny.peng@ssltec.com
          Cable Assembly

          Litkconn Technology is a custom cable assembly house offers a wealth of diverse experience that allows us to build from your specs. We work with our customers through every part of the design and production process.

          We work with customers in virtually every industry, building custom cable assemblies to meet a wide variety of usage requirements and connectivity issues.  We also offer cable assembly design service.  Working from your specifications, we can design complete cable assemblies on our CAD system, and provide you with final drafts of every facet of the product.  From there, we can complete samples and then full production runs, giving our customers first-article and subsequent approvals as needed.  Building from your drawings or designing from your specs, we manufacture cable assemblies to optimize costs and shipping.

          We are ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified and comply with IPC standards.  We work with our customers to create ERP systems with complete documentation, making future builds as dependable as the first.  Each cable assembly is tested and inspected at each stage of development, allowing us to identify problems and find solutions long before they’re put into service.

          Our Equipment for Cable Assembly