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          +86-797-355 6688     anny.peng@ssltec.com
          Plastic Processes

          Plastic Injection Molding

          Litkconn Technology specializes to produce a wide variety of plastic injection molding products from high-tech parts with very tight tolerances as well as industrial products.

          Our plastic injection molding along with mold making capabilities allow us to provide quick-turn service on medium to high volume orders. We build dedicated long-run production plastic injection molding tools.  We specialize in custom plastics injection molding projects in many different resin types.

          Resins most commonly utilize are: POM, ABS, TPE, Acrylic, PC, PP, PS, Nylon and PC/ABS.

          Plastic Extrusion

          Litkconn Technology has plastic extrusion capability.  We work with variety of materials and can manufacture a wide range of products based on our customer's specific needs.  We are familiar with ASTM specifications as well as a host of industry specific standards for testing and performance.

          Our in-house tooling capabilities gives us total control over production requirements whether prototype or full production. And our ability to turn new tooling quickly gives you a competitive advantage. Our operators and engineers have years of experience which is how we deliver products with difficult and unique specs.