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          +86-797-355 6688     anny.peng@ssltec.com
          About Us

          Founded in 2000, Litkconn Technology is a leading vertically integrated contract manufacturing service provider. Our service offerings include LED Lighting, precision machining, sheet metal fabrication, box build, harness assembly and value-added manufacturing.

          Based in Jiangxi Province, China, we are a preferred supplier to many reputable companies in today’s industry leader. Our diverse technical and manufacturing capabilities have made it possible for us to provide competitive and high quality products for many industries we serve.  With our exceptional production processes, and a group of dedicated staff with extensive experience in the industry. Our team has a reputation for reliability, resourcefulness and total customer satisfaction. We strive to provide best value products and services to our customers through on time delivery, zero defect, fast response and competitive pricing.

          Our goal is to be the distinguished manufacturing service solutions provider with an intense focus on customer satisfaction.


          We are located in Longnan, JiangXi Province which is 200 miles north of Shenzhen and 4 hours by car.  

          Our site is just off interstate highway. There is a high speed rail currently in construction and  schedule for completion in year 2020. Once the high speed rail completed, travel time between Shenzhen and our plant is shortened to 90 minutes.